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"Comfortable, cozy...


Make your trip truly extraordinary with a stay at our beautiful chalet. Fully equipped for one or two families, it can accommodate up to ten people.


Perched a little higher up than other hotels, the chalet offers a superb view of the Val d'Anniviers and enjoys sunshine all day long. 

Whether you're looking to hit the slopes or the sofa, the Chalet d'En Haut can provide you with what you need. The chalet is ideally located for outdoor sports, yet is also fully-equipped for those who prefer to stay at home. This means it’s adapted perfectly to everyone's tastes, making your stay relaxing and pleasant.



Leave your car behind: located only five minutes from the ski lifts and ten minutes from the village centre, you can move around entirely on foot. In the winter, trips to the village are serviced by a shuttle bus that stops at the car park. You can also access to the chalet from the ski slopes.

There is a climb of roughly 140 steps between the car park, which has two spaces outside and two inside, and the chalet. What better excuse to end the day with a nice drink?


Saint-Luc can be reached by public transport from the Sierre station. See schedules on:


"Travel light"

As it is fully furnished, staying at the Chalet d'En Haut means you only need to take the essentials with you. Say goodbye to last-minute oversights and overloaded vehicles. Everything has already been thought of at the chalet, guaranteeing you a relaxing stay. 

From the fondue service to the crib, learn more about the amenities and services included.




"Snow and stars"

Designed and created by the founders of ArtKern SA, specialists in interior design and artistic ironwork, the Chalet d'En Haut’s high-quality interior design sets it a cut above the rest. With its theme of snow and stars, the entire chalet is decorated in a sleek, modern style.


Do you like this style? Take a look to explore it more: 



Learn more about life at the

Chalet d’En Haut.

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